Nhl Legend Faces Backlash Over Female Fan Comment

The Nhl Legend Faces Backlash Over Female Fans

The Toronto Maple Leafs Defeated The Tampa Bay Lightning 72 In The Second Game Of Their Firstround Series

Phil Esposito Made An Unfortunate Comment About A Female Fan While A Player Was Being Ejected From The Game

Espositos Comment Youve Got A Fat Woman Whos Yapping Like Crazy Stirred Controversy As He Tried To Identify The Fans Gender

Fans Reacted To Espositos Comment With A Mix Of Anger And Disappointment

Fans Hope That Phil Esposito Will Choose His Words More In The Future

As Saturdays Game 3 Approaches The Fans Of The Lightning Are Hoping For A Better Outcome

This Incident Highlights The Importance Of Respectful Commentary In Sports Broadcasting

Draymond Green Addresses Suspension The Inside Story