Meet Ruby Antonioli, Zay Flowers’ Stunning Swimsuit Model Girlfriend

Ruby Antonioli Zay Flowers Is A Stunning Swimsuit Model

The Team Hopes That He Will Form A Strong Connection With Lamar Jackson

The First Boston College Wide Receiver To Be Drafted In The First Round Was Flowers

Since September 2020 Ruby Antonioli Has Been Attending Games To Show Her Support

Antonioli Is Known For Her Stunning Swimsuit Photos Which Have Earned Her Over 1500 Followers

The Antonio Ravenslis Following Is Expected To Increase Even More With The Addition Of Flowers

After The Draft Antonioli And Flowers Can Enjoy Some Peace

Ravens Fans Will Be Watching To See What Kind Of Impact Flowers And His Connection With Jackson Will Have On The Teams Performance

There Is A Social Media Buzz With Bold Moves