Donald Trump Pleads 'Not Guilty' To 34 Felony Charges Lodged Against Him

Image Source: Getty Donald Trump Pleads Not Guilty To 34 Felony Charges Lodged Against Him

Image Source: Getty After Pleading Not Guilty He Said That There'S No Case To Answer. He Posted 'There Was Nothing Done Illegally!' On Social Media.

Image Source: Afp Trump Targeted The Biden Government Over His Brief Arrest On Tuesday By Saying 'Us Is Going To Hell.'

Image Source: Getty Trump Allegedly Made Hush Money Payment To Adult Star Stormy Daniels To Conceal Their Affair During 2016 Elections.

Image Source: Getty He Has Denied All Wrongdoing And Said District Attorney Alvin Bragg A Democrat Is Motivated By Politics In Bringing The Case.

Image Source: Getty During The Hearing Prosecutors Accused His Former Attorney Of Making Payments To Daniels And Disguising It As Legal Fees.

Image Source: Getty Protestors Showed Their Dissent Against Trump Outside The Courthouse By Having Posters Of 'Trump Lies All The Time.'

Image Source: Getty A Protestor Took Jibe At Trump By Using His 2016 Election Slogan. She Held A Poster Saying 'Tump 4 Prison.'

Image Source: Afp Some People Came Out In His Support And Even Campaigned For Him To Be Elected As The President Again.

Image Source: Getty He Made History By Being The First Former American President To Ever Be Indicted.