Vikings trade for Joshua Dobbs with Kirk Cousins out for season: The Minnesota Vikings took swift action in response to Kirk Cousins’ absence by making significant changes to their quarterback lineup. They entrusted rookie Jaren Hall with the starting position for at least one week while also acquiring Joshua Dobbs, a seasoned veteran from the Arizona Cardinals, who is likely to provide backup support.

Vikings trade for Joshua Dobbs with Kirk Cousins out for season

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that pending Joshua Dobbs passing a physical examination, he will be acquired by the Vikings along with a conditional seventh-round pick in the 2024 draft. In return, the Vikings will trade their own sixth-round pick from that same draft year. The condition of this conditional pick is dependent on Dobbs’ playing time and has the possibility of being converted into a sixth-round selection.

In light of Kirk Cousins’ devastating right Achilles injury, the team officials engaged in an intense 48-hour period filled with rapid discussions and brainstorming sessions. This whirlwind of activity culminated in the formulation of several short- and long-term plans aimed at addressing the void left by Cousins. Ultimately, coach Kevin O’Connell expressed confidence in their immediate course of action which involves acquiring multiple talented players capable of securing triumph on behalf of the team.

Vikings Trade For Joshua Dobbs With Kirk Cousins Out For Season

O’Connell expressed his perspective, hoping for a stellar performance from Jaren on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. He emphasized the importance of building upon that performance and continuing to prepare Joshua Dobbs as if he were not only one snap away, but also considering what strategies would maximize their chances of victory.

Due to Cousins’ untimely injury, the Vikings found themselves lacking depth at the quarterback position. With Mullens unavailable due to a back ailment and Mannion being the only other quarterback in the building, who was initially added to the practice squad as a replacement for Mullens, team officials realized they needed a stronger backup option behind Hall in order to maintain their playoff aspirations despite their 4-4 record.

Joshua Dobbs took charge of the Cardinals’ initial eight matches, amassing 1,569 yards through the air with eight touchdowns and five interceptions, as Kyler Murray, the usual starter, focused on his knee injury recovery. This season has been a struggle for the Cardinals, with a record of 1-7.

Cardinals coach Jonathan Gannon expressed his gratitude towards Joshua Dobbs for his valuable contributions. Gannon commended Dobbs for his unwavering dedication and professionalism, acknowledging the positive impact he had on the team. As Dobbs prepares to embark on a new journey with the Vikings, both Gannon and the Cardinals are thrilled for him and wish him nothing but success.

On Monday, O’Connell mentioned that the Vikings would explore the option of bringing in a more prominent quarterback, as long as it aligns with their competitive rebuild strategy. This approach aims to maintain their playoff aspirations while also revamping the team roster. While Joshua Dobbs may not be a part of their long-term plans, his acquisition did not require significant resources that the Vikings intend to allocate towards building their team for 2024 and beyond. Interestingly, O’Connell discussed the potential of re-signing Cousins this spring, despite his injury.

According to O’Connell, our internal discussions covered a wide range of topics and fostered productive dialogue. Our objective was to ensure that we left ourselves open to exploring various possibilities for the position, taking into account the return of a healthy Kirk Cousins. Although Cousins is set to become a free agent next season, it’s important to note that he is aware of my sentiments towards him, and we remain optimistic that any potential issues will be resolved.

Vikings Trade For Joshua Dobbs With Kirk Cousins Out For Season

“We have stumbled upon an instant resolution that grants us the privilege of acquiring a truly skilled player during a period where we had the opportunity to do so without jeopardizing our future prospects. We managed to achieve both objectives successfully, thereby contributing to the betterment of our football team.”

When asked about his desire to have Cousins return next season, O’Connell expressed his unwavering support. He acknowledged that both he and Cousins are well aware of his sentiments towards the quarterback. O’Connell emphasized that Cousins had been performing at an exceptional level, surpassing other players in the National Football League. The most difficult aspect of the situation was realizing that Cousins was having his best season ever in the league and contemplating the potential success they could have achieved as a team. O’Connell remained hopeful that they would still reach their goals, but acknowledged that it would be a challenge without Cousins’ outstanding performance as their high-level quarterback. Nevertheless, he accepted this challenge and aimed to excel despite it.

In the Vikings’ triumphant 24-10 win against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Cousins fell victim to an injury. Meanwhile, Hall’s performance included completing three out of four passes for a mere 23 yards, but unfortunately, he also lost possession of the ball during a sack.

On Monday, Gannon revealed that Joshua Dobbs would not be taking the starting position in this Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns. According to a source from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it seems Arizona has decided to give rookie Clayton Tune a chance to start instead. Nevertheless, Gannon mentioned on Monday that there is a possibility of Murray taking the lead as he progresses in his recovery from ACL surgery. Joshua Dobbs, Joshua Dobbs

The Cardinals will have more influence over when Murray returns to the field than the opponent they are facing, according to Gannon. Murray has until November 8th to practice after being cleared from the physically unable to play list, just before Arizona’s game against the Falcons.

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