His family is very concerned.

Paul Staehle From 90 Day Fiancé Has Gone Missing After Sending Some Alarming Texts

The loved ones of a cast member from the reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé are expressing deep worry over the potential demise of Paul Staehle. This apprehension arises following the reception of distressing messages sent by Staehle on August 31, 2023, and his subsequent disappearance.
Paul Staehle’s partner, Karine Martins, took to her Instagram page to share an update with their followers regarding Paul’s absence. According to Karine, neither she nor Paul’s family have heard from him in quite some time. The couple initially connected through online dating as Paul sought love beyond his home state of Kentucky.
On the reality show 90 Day Fiancé : Before the 90 Days, Paul opened up about his past relationship struggles, expressing that he hadn’t been fortunate in finding a stable and faithful partner locally. He recounted experiences of betrayal and unfaithfulness which had left a lasting impact on him.
90 Day Fiancé, Paul Staehle

90 Day Fiancé, Paul Staehle

In a series of ups and downs, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have experienced a turbulent relationship marked by incidents of domestic violence and infidelity. Despite these challenges, the couple took their commitment to the next level by getting married in Brazil during November 2017.
Their journey as a couple reached another milestone when they welcomed their son Pierre into the world in March 2019. Reflecting on this new chapter, Paul shared with Us Weekly his overwhelming joy, anticipation, nervousness, and determination to do everything right for his growing family.
Inquiring minds are always curious about Paul Staehle’s perspective on fatherhood alongside his partner Karine Martins. While anyone can conceive a child, embracing the daily challenges and rewards of being a devoted dad is an entirely novel encounter.
My heart brims with joy, gratitude, and a deep sense of responsibility towards Pierre’s well-being. Following the birth of Ethan in February 2021 when their eldest child was almost two years old, distress has struck their family as Paul appears to have vanished amidst the dense wilderness of the Amazon region.
Let us now delve into what information we possess regarding this unsettling situation involving Paul Staehle and Karine Martins.

Is Paul Staehle still missing?

The question remains: is Paul Staehle still missing? According to Karine Martins, his wife who was in the United States when he vanished, there has been no contact from him since August 31, 2023. This worrying lack of communication extends to his mother as well.

Karine, in a heartfelt gesture, posted a moving montage of pictures capturing precious moments with Paul and their kids on Thursday. Accompanied by a cryptically worded caption in the past tense, she acknowledged that not all their memories were negative. Their children held immense love for Paul, and they vowed to forever cherish the good times they shared. Shedding light on the situation through her Story, Karine revealed that Paul had gone missing in Brazil the previous night. She requested prayers for his safe return.

In her extended explanation, she greeted everyone and expressed regret for not having substantial information to share. She mentioned their ongoing efforts to locate Paul and emphasized the necessity of waiting before involving the authorities. Asserting the seriousness of the situation, she reassured that she had been clueless until receiving informative messages.

According to TMZ, Paul Staehle’s mother, Edna, revealed that he had been traveling in Brazil since the end of July. However, she received some alarming texts from him. Apparently, Paul reached out to his mom seeking her assistance as he was lost in the South American country.

He specifically mentioned needing a boat and provided her with contact information for individuals who might be able to help him escape his predicament. Unfortunately, Edna has been unable to reach Paul since then as he has gone completely silent and it seems that his phone is either turned off, experiencing a weak signal, or has run out of battery.

90 Day Fiancé, Paul Staehle

Paul Staehle’s texts

Paul Staehle’s friend, with Edna’s consent, posted screenshots of their text messages on Instagram. The messages were shared along with Paul’s location, revealing him to be in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon jungle.

Paul: I got lost
Edna: Who are you with and how did you get lost
Paul: I f—ked up i fugkrd up bad [sic]
Edna: You seem to not be being as careful and cautious as before. How? Can Izzy or Aunt help you? How did you F up? Who are you with?
Paul: Contact them I need help

Edna: Who? And why don’t you???
Paul: I am trying to
Edna: You need to NOW
Paul: I need a boat to get back
Edna: They can’t get you a boat and why would you go there alone that was very stupid
Paul: Mom my phone will die My gps will go awayv [sic]
Edna: Call them now!!!
Paul: You Please

Edna: Who are you with?
Paul: Alone
Edna: Sorry I messaged you , bad timing again …
Paul: Call them i need a boat [location sharing ended]
Edna: Tried all those names, no answer, left messages.

From the screenshots, you can see Edna tried calling her son several times and her increasingly panicked text messages proceeded to go unanswered.

Paul Staehle has disappeared for the second time. In July 2022, he and his son Pierre were reported missing and were found safe after a week. Paul denied any involvement in his own child’s kidnapping, claiming they had been on a work trip together since early June.

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins had their children taken away by CPS after evidence of their abusive relationship, which dates back to 2010, came to light. As a result, Paul’s parents sought full custody of the kids. The couple separated when the video was exposed but surprised everyone by announcing their reconciliation in April 2023.

Speculation about Karine being pregnant arose from her Instagram Stories where she mentioned her missing husband and seemed to be cradling a baby bump. However, it remains uncertain if these photos are recent or throwbacks.

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