Molly Hurwitz became a significant part of Matthew Perry’s life when they got engaged in November 2020. Unfortunately, their relationship encountered a rough patch and the former couple chose to end their journey together just seven months later.

Matthew Perry, although never tying the knot, did embark on a romantic journey with his former betrothed Molly Hurwitz for a span of three years. The beloved Friends actor popped the question to Hurwitz in November 2020 after two years of courtship. Unfortunately, their love story came to an end seven months later, as Perry expressed in a statement to PEOPLE, Occasionally, circumstances simply fail to align and this happens to be one of those instances.

Matthew Perry, aged 54, was discovered deceased in his Los Angeles residence on October 28, 2023. Following the public announcement of his passing, Molly Hurwitz took to social media to share her deep connection with the late actor.

“He would love that the world is talking about how talented he was. And he really was very talented,” she wrote on Instagram of her former fiancé. “As the Friends reunion was approaching, we rewatched the show together.”

“‘F—, I was so good!!!’ ” she recalled him saying. “‘See what I did there???’ ”

The literary manager continued to delve into their shared experiences, describing the deceased actor as intricate and expressing immense appreciation for their connection. So, let’s uncover the details about Molly Hurwitz and her previous engagement with Matthew Perry.

Molly Hurwitz And Matthew Perry

Molly Hurwitz is from New York 

Matthew Perry’s girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz, hails from the vibrant city of New York and often reminisces about her formative years and academic journey there. A throwback post on Instagram from June 2015 showcased Hurwitz sitting pensively on a stoop in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, accompanied by the heartfelt words My childhood. The absence of stoops leaves me yearning for those cherished memories.

In an intriguing turn of events, Molly Hurwitz recently unveiled a letter on social media that is believed to have been penned by her kindergarten teacher commending her outstanding behavior during her early schooling years. The accomplished individual attended high school at Poly Prep Country Day School located in Brooklyn, ultimately graduating from there in 2008. Subsequently, she pursued higher education at New York University where she specialized in media, culture, and communication and proudly graduated as an honors scholar in 2012.

Molly Hurwitz a literary manager

Molly Hurwitz, known for her expertise in comedy, TV, and film, kickstarted her professional journey at ICM. After honing her skills in the industry, she made a transition to Zero Gravity in 2017 with a specific focus on nurturing and representing talented comedy writers. The latest update on Hurwitz’s career came in April 2023 when Deadline reported that she had joined Thruline as a literary manager.

Thruline partner Ron West expressed his utmost delight in welcoming Molly to the team. From the very first encounter, it was evident that her dedication to comedy and her clients was unparalleled. Deadline reported that she brought esteemed clients such as Bill Oakley from The Simpsons and Chelsea Myers from Call Me Kat.

Molly Hurwitz and Matthew Perry started dating in 2018

Despite starting their relationship in 2018, it wasn’t until early 2020 that Hurwitz and Perry made their romance official. The talent manager expressed her love for the actor on their second Valentine’s Day together, noting that it was Perry’s first as an Instagram influencer. She wrote a heartfelt message in a now-deleted post, wishing her favorite person a Happy Valentine’s Day.

They got engaged in November 2020

Matthew Perry popped the question to Molly Hurwitz, seven months after his Valentine’s Day post. The lucky lady happily accepted his proposal, and Perry couldn’t be more thrilled. I made the decision to get engaged, he revealed to PEOPLE. And I consider myself extremely fortunate to be in a relationship with the most amazing woman on earth. Soon after, Perry proudly introduced Hurwitz on his Instagram, showcasing her wearing his exclusive Friends merchandise collection.

Molly Hurwitz proudly showcased her hair, holding it up with both hands, while donning a shirt that humorously exclaimed, Could this BE any more of a T-shirt? The phrase cleverly pays homage to Chandler Bing’s famous catchphrase. Matthew Perry, in his now-deleted post, playfully encouraged Molly not to feel obligated to strike a pose while sporting the shirt.

She and Perry ended their engagement in June 2021

Matthew Perry announced in June 2021, shortly after the Friends reunion, that he and Molly Hurwitz had ended their relationship. Perry expressed that sometimes relationships don’t work out and wished Hurwitz well. The next day, Hurwitz was seen walking her dogs without her engagement ring. Both Perry and Hurwitz removed photos of each other from their social media platforms.

Molly Hurwitz And Matthew Perry

She honored Perry on Instagram after his death

Shortly after the actor’s passing, Molly Hurwitz took to Instagram to share a poignant tribute to Matthew Perry. She uploaded a captivating photo of Perry’s silhouette gazing upon a picturesque European cityscape, accompanied by heartfelt words about their deep connection. Hurwitz revealed that they often revisited and analyzed scenes from their shared projects, which only strengthened their bond. She expressed immense admiration for Perry’s comedic talent and cherished the moments they spent together rediscovering his remarkable brilliance.

She added that she knew Perry in “a very different way, too.”

According to Molly Hurwitz, despite my incomprehensible love for him, Matthew Langford Perry was a complex individual who inflicted pain upon me in ways I had never experienced before. No other person in my adult life has left such a profound impact on me as Perry did. I am immensely grateful for everything I learned from our relationship. Hurwitz also praised Al-Anon as an essential support system for those who love someone battling with the devastating effects of substance abuse, making reference to Perry’s own struggles.

She concluded the note, “Matty, I feel relief that you are at peace. Sincerely, Moll-o-Rama(…fication).”

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