Faced with a labor shortage and partial attraction to the capacity for improvement linked to artificial intelligence, one town in Japan has selected to leverage ChatGPT thus far as an experiential learning tool to identify if its overall hype is justified.

The city on Thursday in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, began a one-month deal allowing each of its 4,000 municipal staff members to use ChatGPT, an instance of OpenAI s Chat application, for simple work activities to boost productivity, with the city becoming the first municipality in the nation to function the software.


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With the number of people decreasing, it is problematic for companies to set up the number of employees they require. Takayuki Samukawa, a public relations representative for Yokosuka digital management’s administration department, told the outlet that administrative challenges exist alongside this.

We will use ChatGPT during trials to raise funds that can be used only for in-person activities, like summarizing reports and drafting documents for writing, and drafting copy for marketing efforts and public relations. Splitting said the city plans to release and use it to combat auction prices, as per the Koinup report.

The government welcomed the possibility of Chatgod by Yokosuka being the first city in Japan to hire the tool, and first country to adopt it across the entire nation following a visit to its CEO by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman earlier this month. Altman met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and other officials on April 10 to discuss Chatgods potential advantages and dangers.

Afterward, the CEO said on Thursday that he would like to open an OpenAI office in the country, and the chief cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said after security issues regarding the program had been addressed, the Japanese government would work to use AI to reduce the workloads of national employees.