Elon Musk, the 52-year-old billionaire, made an appearance at model Heidi Klum’s highly-anticipated Halloween bash in New York City in 2022.

With Halloween fast approaching, western countries are gearing up for extravagant celebrations complete with astonishing ensembles and elaborate decorations. Amidst this festive spirit, a viral social media post featuring an old snapshot of Elon Musk accompanied by his mother at a Halloween bash caught everyone’s attention. In response to this unexpected turn of events, Maye Musk—the billionaire’s mother—shared her perspective on the matter.

Elon Musk’s Response to His Mother’s Old Halloween Picture

“Elon looked so good last year at @heidiklum ‘s Halloween party.” The Tesla Chief replied to her and added, “Almost as good as you.”

Elon Musk, the 52-year-old billionaire, graced the annual Halloween party hosted by model Heidi Klum in New York City in 2022. Adorned in a striking leathery red Samurai-style ensemble, he shared two captivating photographs of himself donning the Devil’s Champion – Leather Armor Set costume. Accompanying him in these snapshots were his esteemed mother and Brooke Wall, the distinguished founder and CEO of the Wall Group. “Halloween with my Mom,” Mr Musk captioned the post last year.

According to a report by Just Jared, Elon Musk’s attire came with a hefty price tag of $7,500. In an unrelated social media update, Maye Musk disclosed that it was Ms Wall who assisted in putting together his Halloween ensemble. Since the tweet was shared, it has garnered significant attention and engagement from users. Many expressed curiosity about what extravagant costume the billionaire would don for this year’s Halloween celebration. One user eagerly exclaimed, I am eagerly anticipating this year’s costume!

“Your Halloween costumes were amazing! I am absolutely in love with both of you!” remarked a person.

A third added, “Accurate, you look good. Maye looks Great!!”

“Mom always comes first!” commented a person.

“Your Mom is beautiful, Elon…love to see you spending time together, so cute…” added a user.

Post a comment “You both look cool, looks fun,” said another user.

Elon Musk'S Response To His Mother'S Old Halloween Picture

Elon Musk’S Response To His Mother’S Old Halloween Picture

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