Homeowners oppose potential development near Juday Creek Estates

A proposal to turn farmland into an automobile dealership has almost zero support from nearby homeowners. It would sit diagonal from the Juday Creek Estates subdivision on the north side of Cleveland Road. WSBT attended a meeting tonight with representatives for a potential purchaser of the land, who explained the potential commercial uses for the land including new and used car dealerships and auto repair shops.

This property sits on the north side of Cleveland Road, west of Capital Avenue, and south of the Indiana Toll Road. “For a development like this, what’s going to end up happening is that there is enough widening here that there would a widening for the pavement for Cleveland Road for this area there’s actually also what they’re planning to do is a signal at one point on this development,” said Michael Danch, Danch, Harner & Associates, Inc. President.

Many homeowners in Juday Creek Estates subdivision say they are against these plans. They have concerns with pollution to the aquifer, and the increased traffic this would create along Cleveland Road. “I find it hard to believe that somebody sat down and said this is a great place to put a 50-acre development with all this commercial use out of everywhere that’s available in the north of Mishawaka/Granger/St. Joe County on a two-lane road, on a two-lane road. And that the traffic study will happen after it’s annexed,” said Tressa Decker, Juday Creek Estates HOA Board Member/Homeowner.

“We all know you can’t get out of the neighborhood at 5 o’clock you cannot get out of this neighborhood because of the traffic this will triple that,” said Dave Bennett, Juday Creek Estates Homeowner. While homeowners made it clear they were not on board with this proposal…proponents say this land will be developed at some point in the future. “This is the development that the staff strongly recommends that it’s going to be developed at some point we’ve already talked about or beyond it’s not going to stay farmland forever,” said Steven Struder, Kreig Devault Attorney.

A member from the Mishawaka City Council was at the meeting and told homeowners that this is not a done deal, and that their voices are taken into consideration with this proposal. The next public hearing on this re-zoning request will be in October.

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